Friday, October 07, 2005

Corals shmorals...

Marine habitat mapping and Ocean exploration

"Few people realise that we have such interesting, precious and dramatic habitats right on our doorstep," said Jason Hall-Spencer, from the University of Plymouth. (The reefs lie 85km offshore at a depth of one to three kilometres.)

"Some of these areas have yet to be explored, but even before we've had a chance to see their treasures, they're being bulldozed by deep-water trawling".

"About 40 percent of what we filmed had been smashed up," he said. "They smash corals 4 500 years old. Their nets plough through anything that's fragile. They wipe out fish and there's no longer any habitat for them to breed."

Probably something is wrong with me, but unperplexed by these horrible news I click on "Clash of titans as python swallows alligator" hyperlink on the same page. COOL! Then my attention wanders to "Top plastic surgeon and wife shot dead in bed".

This seems somewhat closer to my doorstep...


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