Friday, October 07, 2005

Victor 6000: remotely operated scientific research vehicle

I always wanted to create a database of ROVs and AUVs out there ion the world. Here is the first one:

"Victor 6000" is a tethered ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) system which can work at depths reaching 6 000 m. It optimizes operations for manned submersibles and extends the scientific team's particpation in the dive by transferring data and images in real time. This documentary presents the new vehicle, its technical specifications, tether, depressor, steering, etc.) the data (image) transmission system and its easy handling.

A video tape describing this vehicle can be ordered from Ifremer.

Victor 6000 is a remotely operated deep water vehicle, capable of meeting the requirements of an optical linear survey, usually 10 km, in order to identify interesting areas, a local area investigation requiring video inspection, data collection and manipulative tasks. Furthermore, the ROV can be used on other missions such as wreck inspection and is a powerful platform for developing new technology.

Victor 6000 is equipped with:

High resolution color cameras with zoom, pan & tilt,
Interchangeable toolsled with high payload capacity and large user
interface (data, energy,...),
Dexterous and precise telerobotic manipulator system (arm with 7 axis of
Accurate weight adjustment with a variable buoyancy system,
Computerized network for vehicle control and data management,
Integrated approach for data storage and display allowing fast data access
and easy post-dive analysis.

Technical characteristics :

Operating depth 6000 m
Vehicle dimensions
weight 3700 kg
Length 3.15 m
Width 2.15 m
Height 1.80 m + Toolsled
Forward > 1.5 knot
Lateral > 1 knot
Vertical > 1 knot
Toolsled - Payload
Payload in water 150 kg
Reversible variable buoyancy system
Capacity : >70 kg
Flow rate : 2kg/min
Video camera
3CCD color camera zoom, pan & tilt
6 additional CCD color cameras
Master slave manipulator ( 7 axis of movement)
Umbilical electro-mechanical cable
Length : 8500 m
Diameter 20 mm
Power 20 kW
6 optical fibers


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