Wednesday, November 24, 2004

China - Russia marine cooperation

The first China-Russia working group meeting on maritime co-operation started in Beijing 9 Nov 2004 as China reaffirmed its commitment to promote Sino-Russia co-operation in the field, said Sun Zhihui, deputy director of the State Oceanic Administration. The two-day meeting includes discussions on possible co-operation in eight areas including marine ecological environment protection, legislation on the use and protection of the ocean, marine information and data exchange and polar research. China and Russia signed a marine co-operation agreement on May 27, 2003.
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Marine habitat mapping from satellite imagery

9 June 2004 ABU DHABI - A collaborative study to investigate the potential use of satellite imagery (Terra ASTER) in assessing bottom types and vegetation types in selected sites of the shallow waters and coastal environment of Abu Dhabi had been carried out by the Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency (ERWDA) and Japan Oil Development Co., Ltd (JODCO). The survey was aimed at identifying sensitive marine and coastal areas in particular sensitive and critical habitats in the studied area by producing maps of bottom types and vegetation types in the shallow waters and coastal environment.

Arctic Marine Strategic Plan

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – November 24, 2004 – The Honourable Stéphane Dion, Minister of the Environment, today reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to work with circumpolar governments and Arctic peoples by signing the Ministerial Declaration at the fourth biennial meeting of the Arctic Council. The issues of importance are presented in Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, the Arctic Human Development Report, and the Arctic Marine Strategic Plan.

Co-led by Canada and Iceland, the Arctic Marine Strategic Plan is a coordinating framework intended to improve how the Arctic coastal and marine environment is managed, particularly given the accelerated changes occurring in the north from climate change and the possibility of increased economic activity. The Plan includes four overarching goals:

reduce and prevent marine pollution;
conserve biodiversity and ecosystem functions;
promote the health and prosperity of communities; and
advance sustainable resource use.

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Ghana - Abidjan Convention

Accra, Nov. 24, GNA - A forum on the Abidjan Convention for Cooperation in the protection and development of the Marine and Coastal Environment on Wednesday opened to discuss papers that gave general overview of issues including fisheries, oil and gas, coastal erosion, municipal waste management, integrated coastal area management and tourism.

Large Marine Ecosystems located in the Abidjan Convention Area were all receiving support from the Global Environment Facility to address various issues and problems relating to the coastal and marine environment. The Abidjan Convention came into force in 1984 after ratification by 11 countries.

Census of Marine Life OBIS news

Burgeoning marine life database OBIS tops 5 million records, 38,000 species Scientists add over 4 million new records, 13,000 species in 2004; Exponential growth of “information seaway” tops Census highlights. Press release in pdf.