Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oil and Gas Exploration on Georges Bank

A ban on drilling on Georges Bank has been in place since 1982, and the current moratorium runs through 2012. The US energy bill does not alter the drilling ban but lifts the prohibition on exploration, which was added during the 1990s. Consultants, gear up from both sides - for environmental assessments of future drill sites, geophysical studies and for the studies of the impacts of these studies on marine life. Fishermen - find a new job!

UAF scientists discover new species in Arctic Ocean

University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists returning from a month-long exploration of the deep sea beneath the Arctic ice pack say the region is teaming with marine life, and have found species previously unknown to science. Scientists have long believed that species biodiversity is reduced in areas closer to the poles. But scientists say that may be because they haven't been able to look for marine life in the deep Arctic seas. Read on...

NOAA happy after another deep-sea expedition

Another discovery and at the same time insult for all of us marine scientist who spend most of the time staring at computer screens in their cubicles. The nearly five month long international expedition to explore the South Pacific produced many discoveries including numerous suspected new species, new ranges for known species, measurements of the diversity of marine life, and more data about undersea volcanoes and the rare interface of life based on sunlight, and life based on chemicals. Read on here: