Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wilma, Katrina and architecture.

Wilma is raizing hell in Mexico. Debris flying, roofs ripped-off. Katrina hit Lousiana. Deaths, floods, billion-dollar damages...

Here is a crazy idea - environmentally sound architecture! It may be easier and smarter to build hurricane-resistant buildings than the usual 'cardboard', quick-profit boxes. Just imagine that you are building the colonies on, let's say Mars (if it had human-friendly atmosphere). Would you build like you do on Earth??? What would you change in your architectural designs and construction practices if you knew that yearly hurricanes are a given?

Alcatel gets $33M from Neptune

Marine habitat mapping and Ocean exploration

Alcatel, a company that provides networks for telecommunication carriers and Internet service providers in 130 countries, will design, manufacture and install the infrastructure for NEPTUNE, a joint Canada-U.S. science project. Alcatel has been awarded a $39-million contract by the University of Victoria to wire together an undersea observatory off the West Coast. This represents more than half of NEPTUNE Canada's $62-million total base funding.