Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Underwater Gliders: Recent Developments and Future Applications

Recent publication:

"Underwater Gliders: Recent Developments and Future Applications", by R. Bachmayer, N. Ehrich Leonardy, J. Gravery, E. Fiorelliy, P. Bhattay and D. Paleyy.

Abstract—Autonomous underwater vehicles, and in particular autonomous underwater gliders, represent a rapidly maturing technology with a large cost-saving potential over current ocean sampling technologies for sustained (month at a time) real-time measurements.
In this paper an overview of the main building blocks of an underwater glider system for propulsion, control, communication and sensing is given. A typical glider operation, consisting of deployment, planning, monitoring and recovery will be described using the 2003 AOSN-II field experiment in Monterey Bay, California.

Click here for full text article (pdf).